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How to get an EarthCache published 1. EarthCaches must provide an earth science lesson. 2. EarthCaches must be educational. They should provide accurate but non-technical explanations of what visitors will experience at the site. The cache page, including the description and logging tasks, must assume only a basic knowledge of geology. 3. EarthCaches must highlight a unique feature. EarthCaches that duplicate existing EarthCaches or related sites may be rejected. EarthCaches must be developed to provide a unique experience to the location’s visitors, and to teach a unique lesson about the feature at the site. Multiple EarthCaches on the same feature should be avoided. Content, rather than proximity, will be the guiding principle for EarthCache reviewers. 4. Landowner or land manager permission is required for most EarthCache locations, and the name, title, and contact details of the person who approved it must be included in a Reviewer Note. Most land managers, once they are told that concept and that no physical container will be left behind, are happy to have an EarthCache in their park, forest, etc. We would suggest however, that you develop EarthCaches in partnership with the land managers to ensure that sensitive areas are avoided. Depending on local laws and customs, permission may not be required, but this should also be included ...

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NYC event! Join me for an short meet and greet event in Central Park near W 103rd Street! I will be visiting NYC for a few days and would love to see some local geocachers. It goes without saying that we are still in a pandemic; if you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a face mask properly covering your nose and mouth and stay home if you have any Covid symptoms. Date: Sunday, June 27th, 2021 Time: 9:00am to 9:30am, rain or shine. Location: At (or near, if the spot is occupied) the posted coordinates

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WInter Geocaching

Attributes communicate what to expect at a cache location. Cache owners may identify attributes before submitting a cache listing for review. Identified attributes will appear on the right side of a cache listing page. Premium Members can use the Pocket Query feature to search for caches with particular attributes. Geocaching > Getting Started with Geocaching > Attributes One attribute you may want to look for at this time of year is a cache with a snowflake which means “Available in winter”

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WInter Geocaching

Treasure – Movie

2016 NYC Geocaching awards

Pi Day Raffle

First giveaway of 2016!

How To Puzzle Cache

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