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WInter Geocaching

Attributes communicate what to expect at a cache location. Cache owners may identify attributes before submitting a cache listing for review. Identified attributes will appear on the right side of a cache listing page. Premium Members can use the Pocket Query feature to search for caches with particular attributes. Geocaching > Getting Started with Geocaching > Attributes One attribute you may want to look for at this time of year is a cache with a snowflake which means “Available in winter”

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Geocaching for homeschoolers

Looking for ways to keep your kids engaged in your back to school plans? Well, you’re in luck! Geocaching is a great way to give kids hands-on experience with science, writing, physical education, reading comprehension, and even fine motor skills. Here are some fun and unique ways you can get back to school geocaching style. Let’s get ready to make mistakes, get messy, and go geocaching! Check out this page for all of the information

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Scrolling Box

WInter Geocaching

Treasure – Movie

2016 NYC Geocaching awards

Pi Day Raffle

First giveaway of 2016!

How To Puzzle Cache

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