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2018 NYC Geocaching awards

Nominations for the 2018 NYC geocache awards are now open!

Caches must have been initially placed during 2018 somewhere in the New York City.

The only award that is given outside of NYC is Outside NYC (up to 50 miles from the geographic center of New York City) (N 40° 42.230 W 073° 55.090)

Nominations may come from any and all cachers. You may make multiple nominations for any category; if you think of more than one deserving candidate, please let me know.

*** Please include the GC waypoint number or a link for caches with your nominations! ***


Nominations can be sent by filling out the form at the CONTACT US page.  Click here


All of these awards are for NYC caches except “best all around Outside NYC”


Best New Virtual

Cleverest Hide / Best Camo – In NYC we have 10,000,000 muggles to deal with. These are the fruits of our efforts

Best Location / View – Caches that inspire you to attach amazing photos to your logs, that’s what we’re talking about here

Best Hike – Lace up them boots and find us some nominees

Most Satisfying Puzzle – Satisfaction is in the brain of the beholder

Best Series – One CO. Many smilies

Best Gadget – field puzzle, puzzle box, “found the physical cache, but how do I open it? (new category for 2017)

Best Letterbox

Best Multi

Best All-Around – with sub-region goodness! Nominate your favorite caches in each of six geographical regions:
The Bronx
Staten Island

Outside NYC (up to 50 miles from the geographic center of New York City) (N 40° 42.230 W 073° 55.090)

Cache of the Year

(If there are categories that you think we should recognize but that are not listed above, please get in touch with me. This is how we have the new Virtual category.)

Nominations are due February 15, 2019 . This gives folks a month and should be plenty of time. Looking forward to hearing from you –

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