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2016 Geocaches in Manhattan, NY

Geocaches placed in Manhattan, NY during 2016

Code Cache Type Fav Points Placed By Placed Waypoint Name
GC692FQ Traditional Cache 1 Tatumnyc2 01/02/2016 Inwood Hill Series: Nature’s Storage Edge
GC5TD9V Multicache 109 New Market Mallers 01/04/2016 NYPL: Patience and Fortitude
GC69H47 Traditional Cache 2 leighbees 01/09/2016 The Keychain Experiment
GC69QT5 Traditional Cache 0 leighbees 01/14/2016 TOP OF THE WORLD!
GC6BCBY Traditional Cache 6 AJ65NLD 02/15/2016 Mannahatta
GC6BQ3W Traditional Cache 8 Emyem8 02/20/2016 When Dolphins Cry
GC6DR1X Unknown Cache 1 Bumble! 03/19/2016 Conceptual Continuity – A Grand Opus
GC69PHG Multicache 19 New Market Mallers 03/25/2016 NYPL: Cruise on in for a cache
GC6DZYB Unknown Cache 1 Bumble! 04/01/2016 Sigsaly’s Tesseract
GC6EJEF Multicache 35 New Market Mallers 04/06/2016 NYPL: Marilyn Monroe
GC6FVV4 Traditional Cache 0 Tatumnyc2 04/17/2016 Inwood Hill Series: Bruce’s Garden
GC6FW9J Traditional Cache 0 Tatumnyc2 04/17/2016 Inwood Hill Series: Columbia U.
GC6G456 Traditional Cache 24 gothampixel 04/20/2016 Canal Park
GC6GRM0 Traditional Cache 0 jondrama 04/30/2016 S&S’s Penn South Cache
GC6HK7E Traditional Cache 2 SafariBabe 05/12/2016 A Stair with a View
GC6HXNM Traditional Cache 1 DG*2 05/16/2016 Harlem Hybrid
GC6JGQ4 Traditional Cache 3 GovIslandGuide 05/23/2016 Governors Island Healthy Cache
GC6JGE7 Traditional Cache 2 GovIslandGuide 05/23/2016 Governors Island General Cache
GC6JGQD Traditional Cache 2 GovIslandGuide 05/23/2016 Governors Island Teachers Cache
GC6JGHA Traditional Cache 0 GovIslandGuide 05/23/2016 Governors Island Movies Cache
GC6M10H Multicache 1 GovIslandGuide 05/23/2016 Governors Island Railroad Cache 2
GC6JVP5 Unknown Cache 0 Bumble! 06/03/2016 Why Did the Chicken Cross Central Park?
GC6KB8Y Traditional Cache 5 Dr. Peter Venkman, Ph.D. Parapsychology 06/08/2016 I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!
GC6KJ08 Traditional Cache 1 SeaSop 06/11/2016 Down by the Riverside
GC6KMWX Traditional Cache 0 SafariBabe 06/12/2016 An Amiable Cache: An Unknown Cemetery Cache
GC6M06T Traditional Cache 0 shoppersplace 06/18/2016 34st Hudson Yards Garbage Magnet
GC6M4HK Traditional Cache 0 GottaFindEmAll909 and Ahmanduhz 06/20/2016 Call Once in Awhile
GC6KP4P Unknown Cache 4 BriGuyNY 06/22/2016 New York Central
GC6GKY5 Unknown Cache 11 New Market Mallers 06/23/2016 NYPL: The Zoo
GC6MJGX Traditional Cache 9 GottaFindEmAll909 and Ahmanduhz 06/28/2016 Where’s the Log?
GC6K7CN Multicache 15 New Market Mallers 07/12/2016 NYPL: Under Cover
GC6NKDC Traditional Cache 3 bigbrother29 07/17/2016 Carpe Diem #5
GC6NRFF Earthcache 5 bluesnote 07/19/2016 Unidentified Object
GC62W1M Multicache 1 rock.monkey21 07/19/2016 A Locksmith’s Dream (or nightmare)
GC6JGFE Traditional Cache 5 GovIslandGuide 07/21/2016 Governors Island Liberty Cache
GC6JGGV Traditional Cache 0 GovIslandGuide 07/21/2016 Governors Island Great War Cache
GC6NB34 Multicache 35 New Market Mallers 07/31/2016 NYPL: The Berlin Wall in NYC
GC6PG3A Traditional Cache 5 TrinityWallStreet 08/01/2016 The Garden of Eden
GC6PW0C Traditional Cache 0 DNL2004 08/07/2016 Dougella
GC6QQ6J Unknown Cache 1 ace48 08/22/2016 Have no remorse!
GC6QXBX Unknown Cache 2 LinedUpLikeLemmings 08/26/2016 Lyle’s Day on the LTA
GC6R4GY Traditional Cache 2 mschwalbe.2021 08/29/2016 The Pool
GC6RWTV Unknown Cache 1 LinedUpLikeLemmings 09/11/2016 Lyle Celebrates a Birthday
GC6VFNB Traditional Cache 5 leckylove 10/15/2016 City hall park
GC6VK2Y Traditional Cache 0 shoppersplace 10/15/2016 Interborough Rapid Transit Company
GC6VRZM Multicache 0 calvintruth 10/18/2016 Seafarer
GC6VWA4 Unknown Cache 0 ?PVD? 10/21/2016 Stuyvesant Orchard
GC6X3GD Unknown Cache 0 mh88 11/16/2016 Astor Risk II
GC6TA4N Multicache 6 New Market Mallers 11/26/2016 NYPL: Castle? Courthouse? Prison?
GC6Y0KY Unknown Cache 0 ace48 12/11/2016 It is the prime time to celebrate!
GC6Y6WB Traditional Cache 0 Bigedyben 12/16/2016 Great Place to Relax and Have a Free Drink
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