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Oldest Geocaches in NYC

Listed below are the oldest active caches in New York City.
NYC consists of 5 boroughs.
Brooklyn (Kings)
Manhattan (New York)
Staten Island (Richmond)

GC-code Cache name Type Date placed County Favorite points
GC12AF 4quA5 Traditional Cache 07/26/2001 Manhattan 15
GC2A3E Time Capsule – Open Cache in 5000 Years Virtual Cache 11/25/2001 Queens 37
GC37FC Washington Square Park Virtual Cache 02/06/2002 Manhattan 60
GC3CF8 Central Park Highpoint (Virtual) Virtual Cache 02/23/2002 Manhattan 48
GC3CFC Central Park Guardian (Virtual) Virtual Cache 02/23/2002 Manhattan 145
GC4D7A Stone Face Virtual Cache 04/12/2002 Manhattan 95
GC4D7F The Empire Strikes Back Virtual Cache 04/12/2002 Manhattan 495
GC4D82 The Castle Virtual Cache 04/13/2002 Manhattan 260
GC5D33 Mourning Lady Virtual Cache 05/26/2002 Bronx 13
GC6225 Cunningham Park #1 Traditional Cache 06/08/2002 Queens 2
GC6798 Forest Park Cache Virtual Cache 06/23/2002 Queens 5
GC68E8 Cache A Movie Redux Multi-cache 06/25/2002 Queens 4
GC832C Busman’s Holiday Virtual Cache 08/22/2002 Manhattan 144
GC89AF Bergen BeachCombing Traditional Cache 09/03/2002 Brooklyn 3
GCB036 The Holy Wall Traditional Cache 12/01/2002 Queens 12
GCB6B2 Whos’ buried in Grants Tomb?? Virtual Cache 12/20/2002 Manhattan 26

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