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Pat Dolan Trail Clean up

The New York City geocaching community along with geocachers from the tri-state area will once again be coming together to work with the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Conservancy to clean up the Pat Dolan Trail. The trail is located in the Willow Lake Preserve which is part of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Sunday, April 17, 2016 Park Dr. East & 73rd Terrace Queens, NY 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm See more at:

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2015 NYC Geocaching Awards

NEW YORK CITY GEOCACHING AWARD WINNERS The voting for the 2015 NYC Geocaching award nominations were from Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2016. Members of the NYC Geocaching Community came through and nominated some nice caches. Once we had the nominations the voting was from Feb. 1 to Feb 29, 2016.  Some of the categories had a clear winner leaving the competitors in the dust. Other categories were neck and neck until the close of voting.    One category had a 3 way tie. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. The NYC Geocaching Community has voted your cache the best in its category. To the CO’s of the caches that were nominated and did not win your cache made it into the nominations while so many other caches didn’t.   To all the CO’s of caches that were not nominated (many of mine included) there is always 2016. Will your cache make it next year? When you put out a cache put some thought into it. One piece of advice someone gave me and has helped me is “Would you enjoy looking for this cache?” “Did it bring you to something interesting?” Although many of us enjoy seeing our numbers go ...

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Pi Day Raffle

Pi Day Raffle! As part of the Staten Island Pi Day event 3,141xy6 (GC6C4DF) Ikpipper will be running an Instagram photo contest! Simply post a NYC Geocaching photo to Instagram and hashtag it #NYCGeocaching and#NYCGeocaching314 Photos can be posted anytime from Leap Day, 2-29-16 to (8pm) Pi Day 3-14-16. This is open to all geocachers anywhere! A NYC Geocaching Photo can be any photo that incorporates geocaching in some way and NYC in some way. (a NYC themed photo does not need to be taken in NYC per say, think outside the box) Winner will be chosen by a random drawing from the hashtag. Ukpipper will post the official prizes soon, but they will include Pathtags and TBs. Prizes will be mailed to winners or if they are present at the event they will be given out there. Good Luck!

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WInter Geocaching

Treasure – Movie

2016 NYC Geocaching awards

Pi Day Raffle

First giveaway of 2016!

How To Puzzle Cache

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