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Friday Wind Down event 7/17/15

From: Pinklady This is a casual no frills event, just to meet some local cachers while in town and enjoy a Friday Wind Down. It has been a long week, what better way to spend it than a quick Meet and Greet with a couple of out of town cachers.  PinkDolphin (North Carolina) and purple abacus (Minnesota) will be visiting the city.  One of us is a crazy cacher, the other more sane, I will let you figure out who is who. We will meet at 6:00 pm at Sarge’s (see hint for address as I got the coordinates via Google Earth, so they might not be exact), and the event will end about 7:30 pm.No purchase necessary but I hear the food is good (you will be responsible for their own check if you choose to eat), and they don’t have Deli’s like this in North Carolina, so I am excited. Please be sure to log a “Will Attend” so I can let the resturant know how many to expect. Hope to see you there.

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Staten Island Geocaching Day 8/2/15?

It appears that Sunday, August 2, 2015 is shaping up to be a day to go Geocaching in Staten Island. At the moment 3 events are scheduled for August 2.  Starting at 8 am you have Summer Vacation followed by Kayak Fresh Kills at 2:30 pm and then finishing the day with Brewing a cache at 6 pm. There are also some really nice caches to find on the Island. If you come prepared you can find the 5 difficulty/5 terrain QUACK, QUACK!  A nice group of caches by SynDaLog can be found at “The Bone Yard”. On June 16, 2015 another event scheduled for August 2 was published Staten Island meet and greet UPDATE to the Kayak event: There have been some changes to the Event Page so please reread it! some changes included, a Shuttle Bus Fresh Kills will be running from the Staten Island Ferry to the Park, so if you are using public transportation for the day, this will make your day much easier! And please remember that Kayaks (sit ins or sit ons) will be provided, you can not bring your own boat into the park. there are almost 40 boats to choose from so the line is never that long.   Need ...

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