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NYPL Level 2

Are you level two? Some of you are aware that there is a pathtag available for anyone that finds at least SIX of the NYPL (New York Public Library) caches in Manhattan, NY. However soon there will be a 2nd (silver) pathtag for anyone who has found TWELVE NYPL caches! There are currently 12 active NYPL caches with one to be reactivated in the spring. However some of you have also found the two that were archived, so you might have as many as 15. So, if you think you are owed a pathtag (or two), please contact the NYPL cache owner via the website. Otherwise, what are you waiting for?!?! NYPL Level 2

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Scrolling Box

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Treasure – Movie

2016 NYC Geocaching awards

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First giveaway of 2016!

How To Puzzle Cache

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