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Pi Day Raffle

Pi Day Raffle

Pi Day Raffle

Pi Day Raffle!
As part of the Staten Island Pi Day event 3,141xy6 (GC6C4DF) Ikpipper will be running an Instagram photo contest! Simply post a NYC Geocaching photo to Instagram and hashtag it #NYCGeocaching and#NYCGeocaching314
Photos can be posted anytime from Leap Day, 2-29-16 to (8pm) Pi Day 3-14-16.

This is open to all geocachers anywhere!

A NYC Geocaching Photo can be any photo that incorporates geocaching in some way and NYC in some way. (a NYC themed photo does not need to be taken in NYC per say, think outside the box)

Winner will be chosen by a random drawing from the hashtag.

Ukpipper will post the official prizes soon, but they will include Pathtags and TBs. Prizes will be mailed to winners or if they are present at the event they will be given out there.

Good Luck!

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