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Staten Island Cache Cluster Travel Bug Race

Race starts July 19, 2015


Rules:pathtag race
1. Buy a new travel bug or GeoCoin or other trackable item
2. Put “Cache Cluster” in its name
3. In the description say it is part of “ The Staten Island Cache Cluster 2015” and mention “
4. Activate on or after July 19th 2015
5. Travel and Visit with your new Travel Bug for two weeks!
6. Place you Travel Bug in the inventory of the Brewing a Cache (GC5WR8E) event before 6pm EST on Aug 2nd 2015 and the Travel Bug with the most Miles on it wins!

1. First place winner must be present to win! (Ammo Box filled with geo-goodies )
2. Second place winner can but does not need to be present to win. We will mail the prize to you. (New Travel Bug (TBA) and Cache Cluster Pathtag Set (two tags)
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