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The 2015 Metro Gathering Mega event

For many of us in New York City the 2014 Metro Gathering was easy to get to.  When I read that the 2015 Metro Gathering was being moved to Waterloo Village I was a bit disappointed.  After talking to one of the co-chairman it was explained to me that the event was going to be moved but not far.  The area explored  “fell through due to logistical issues”. The next best area was Waterloo Village.

Considering that I and many others in the New York City area have travelled to Berkshires in Massachusetts to attend the closest Mega event (119 miles from Queens) I guess the 2015 Metro Gathering Mega event (51 miles from Queens) although moved farther away is still much closer.

In addition to this event being in a nice area the Metro Gathering Committee is saving money which keeps the registration cost down and also allows them to invest in more items for the Geocachers.

Waterloo Village, Byram, NJ

10am to 5pm

Saturday, September 12, 2015


All event information can be found at
To log a “will attend” for the event visit the event page

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